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Loss Of Volume

Lack of facial volume refers to a condition in which a person’s face appears to have lost some of its fullness as a result of a decline in the amount of fat, collagen, and hyaluronic acid production that supports the skin and underlying tissues. 


This can be characterised by a sunken or hollow appearance, particularly in areas such as the cheeks, temples, and under the eyes.

why choose illumia?

At illumia Medical, our patients are at the core of what we do. We believe in the enhancement—not transformation—of our patients’ features, and we are committed to providing our patients with long-term solutions rather than a simple quick fix.  Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, our team of doctors are dedicated to help every patient achieve their beauty goals through comprehensive, customised treatment plans.

Why they love it


The service, treatment and ambience here is greattt!. My doctor, dr xiang ning, is super friendly, knowledgeable and just simply fantastic with every session – she’s the best and I highly recommend you to book her early as she’s always full! She takes time to understand your daily routine and how to help with ur difficulties in managing ur schedule with ur care routine! She explains how the treatment works all the way down to the details! Just within a few sessions and I’m seeing a lot more improvements!!

Max T.

Very pleased and satisfied with the treatments done here by Doctor Ram! He is very precise and good in what he does. Feels assured with him doing Nose threads, fillers and Thermage on me. Jialing and Sejin are very friendly and gave helpful tips too :) will be back for more treatments definitely!

Angie N.

My face is glowing now !!!! Thanks to Dr Ong for helping me to achieve this results on my face . She have been so patient in explaining to me and make sure i have the right treatment .


Professional dermatologist and super friendly staff! I visited with v bad acne and it recovered really well in a few months through Dr Xiangning’s prescription of medication + yellow laser. It’s so easy to share any concerns with Dr Xiangning who is very approachable & relatable, and always provides good skincare advice. I also love the chats that I have with nurse Min Jae who makes every session comfortable for me Everyone at the clinic was so encouraging and supportive in my skin recovery journey. Highly recommend to visit the clinic for skin concerns!

Eileen C.

I love visiting Illumia Medical@Wheelock Place for my beauty treatment! The staff is super friendly & warm! Dr Ram always put me at ease whenever I feel uncomfortable! And best of all, he helps to customize my treatment due to my problematic skin! Gd advice is given after every treatment to ensure optimal results! I know I’m in gd hands at Illumia Medical! Oh and without forgetting my favorite nurse Ms Min Jae from Korea!🤩🙏🌻 I will never forget the day when she held my hand firmly when I was in fear & pain! Such a comforting gesture! 💕💗 Thank you Dr Ram, Min Jae & all the staff for everything!

Sheryn Foo

I consulted with Dr Ram on the available options for removing my facial pigmentation. Dr Ram was very professional and patiently explained the PicoSure laser option to me. He had deep knowledge of the issue and advised me thoroughly. I decided to go ahead and started my 1st session shortly after. Nurse Sejin was also very professional and assured me when I was nervous and prepared me well both before and after the laser treatment. Dr Ram performed the laser procedure with much skill and I experienced minimal downtime. My face also healed well after the session. Overall, I am very satisfied and I am looking forward to my upcoming sessions and ultimately a face finally free of pigmentation!!

Jalaine T.

Went for Aesthetics treatment with Dr Jason and was a great experience. He was honest with the consultation and was patient with my multiple queries. Aesthetic treatment can be pricey however, with the service rendered made an overall worth-well spent. Together with his team of nurses, they have been warm and inviting which makes the treatment less tense. Moreover, they consistently check in on me and fixed any issues on the following check up which reflects the consistency of their service. Even though the clinic is a little far for me, am satisfied with the service and the end result of my treatment.

Kev Lee

My wife and I came to find Dr Jason Lau to do laser and Hifu. Dr is very knowledgeable and recommended a few treatments for us. Consultant is not pushy and gave good advice as well.

Before we begin the treatment, nurse Kelly helped put numbing cream and assured us that we will be fine during the process. She was there throughout the procedure which was very comforting for my wife.Dr offered to play some music to lighten the mood and he chatted with us to distract us from the pain.

Satisfied customers here. We will be back again for our upcoming sessions. Definitely will recommend Illumia to everyone!

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