Ulthera 360 Non-Surgical Facelift


Ulthera 360 Non-Surgical Facelift

Ulthera 360 Non-Surgical Facelift

Reboot your body's natural healing process to lift and tighten skin

Ulthera is a safe and non-surgical treatment that stimulates your body to produce fresh new collagen for a younger-looking visage.

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What is Ulthera 360 Non-Surgical Facelift?

Ulthera is a non-surgical ultrasound treatment that uses the body’s own regenerative response to gently and gradually lift skin. Ulthera is an FDA-approved procedure with real-time visualisation to lift the face, forehead and neck, whilst improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the decolletage.

How does it work?

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Ulthera bypasses superficial skin and penetrates deep within the skin tissues to deliver the right amount of ultrasound energy at the right depths to trigger a natural response under the skin. It works from the “inside-out”, which means that the surface of your skin is not disturbed, and it doesn’t leave any marks or scars.

This treatment jumpstarts the body’s regenerative process to produce fresh, new collagen. It also uses ultrasound imaging to enable the doctor to see the layers of tissue being treated. This ensures that energy is only delivered to where it will be the most beneficial.

How does it feel like?

There might be some discomfort experienced during the treatment, but the level varies for individuals. Some patients likened the sensation to a deep buzz, while others explains that it feels like a warm pulse that amplifies. However, the sensation is temporary, and only lasts while the treatment is given.

Nonetheless, numbing cream is applied prior to the treatment, and patients can opt for sedation or anaesthesia.

The treatment takes around an hour. Some patients might experience some redness and tenderness, but you can generally resume your daily activities immediately after.

What results can I expect?

Some initial lifting effect might be visible, but the full results will take place over 2-3 months as the body naturally regenerates collagen. Results will vary across individuals as this procedure stimulates an one’s natural collagen production.

Why choose illumia Medical?

At illumia Medical, we offer two types of Ulthera treatment.

illumia's Ulthera Collagen Boost
illumia’s Ulthera Collagen Boost is designed to help as a preventive measure and/or maintenance of a lifted visage, and is suitable for all age groups.

illumia’s Ulthera 360 Non-Surgical Facelift
illumia’s Ulthera 360 Facelift marries the ultrasound technology and our injectables to provide a facial rejuvenation across multiple layers of skin tissues with immediate results.


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No downtime



Minimal to no downtime

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Natural looking & immediate results

Instant & long-term results


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Performed by certified aesthetic doctor


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Optimal comfort




When will I see results?

For illumia's Ulthera Collagen Boost, the results will be most prominent after 2-3 months as the body natually regenerates collagen.

For illumia's Ulthera 360 Non-Surgical Facelift, the results will be immediate as this treatment includes a skin injectable.

How many treatment sessions do I need?

Results can last for up to a year. It is recommended to go for treatment every 12-18 months for maintenance.

How long does the procedure take?

Each treatment takes around 60 minutes. However, it is recommended that topical numbing cream is applied for about 30 to 45 minutes before the start of the treatment. 

Is there downtime?

After a treatment session, it is common to notice some signs of a flushed complexion but this should subside in a couple of hours. Plus, this laser doesn’t increase skin’s photosensitivity so you can return to your regular routine immediately. 


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