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illumia 5G RF EyeLift

Known for its immediate skin-lifting and tightening effects, the 5th Gen (5G) Thermage® FLX™ delivers unparalleled contouring of loose and saggy skin around the eyes to create an overall defined, younger-looking appearance.

Treatment Highlights
  • ✓ Non-invasive
  • ✓ Little to no downtime
  • ✓ Tightens loose skin around the eyes
  • ✓ AccuREP technology optimises energy delivery for enhanced outcomes
  • ✓ Integrated cooling with pulsed RF and vibration for more comfort
  • ✓ Radiofrequency therapy stimulates your body’s natural collagen production

The Thermage® FLX™ is an FDA approved, non-surgical skin contouring and sculpting treatment that creates mild, controlled heating through radiofrequency (RF) energy to trigger the body’s own natural collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin to firm, contour and rejuvenate the skin.  


illumia’s 5G Thermage® FLX™ offers 4 different applicators of different sizes, including the most recent addition to the Thermage technology series -“Total Tip 4.0” which has a larger surface area to deliver faster results by up to 25%, the multidirectional vibration also offers a more comfortable experience. Experience a fully customisable treatment plan that targets even the most delicate areas and delivers efficient, optimised results.

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why choose illumia?

At illumia Medical, our patients are at the core of what we do. We believe in the enhancement—not transformation—of our patients’ features, and we are committed to providing our patients with long-term solutions rather than a simple quick fix.  Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, our team of doctors are dedicated to help every patient achieve their beauty goals through comprehensive, customised treatment plans.