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3 Treatments That Will Give You Instant Results

resized-Jan-17-2023-10-54-03-4986-AMIn a world where we’re so used to instant gratification (same day delivery, anyone?) it’s only natural that we’d expect immediate results from our aesthetic treatments. Choosing to get an aesthetic treatment over a salon-based treatment would definitely give you longer lasting results, but some aesthetic treatments require weeks and months to work before showing any results, e.g. the ones that trigger collagen production or require time to heal, before you can see changes. But if you’re looking for non-surgical aesthetic treatments that will immediately lift, contour, tighten, brighten and rejuvenate skin, we’ve got you covered.  

Thread Lifts 
This mildly invasive treatment can be used to instantly lift lax skin at the jowls, eyes, eyebrows and even a drooping nose in the span of a lunch hour. During your session an extremely thin, fine thread—think thinner than a hair—is strategically inserted into the targeted area. Thanks to cones or hooks in the threads that anchor themselves to the skin tissue, muscle and skin are suspended to visibly lift and contour the treatment area. They also trigger a boost in collagen production, so over time they continue to firm and lift the area. The threads are biochemically neutral and bioabsorbable, which means after a while they safely dissolve into the body and are naturally eliminated while the face remains visibly lifted and contoured. 

Not only will dermal fillers add volume—think fuller lips, sculpted cheekbones and jawlines, smoother under eyes—they will also rejuvenate the skin for a more refreshed visage. While there are many types of fillers available, and your doctor will pick the one best suited to the area you want to treat and the results you’re looking for, the most popular filler is the hyaluronic acid-based one. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the body and this filler can be used on all areas of the face and is suited to most skin types. 
When a hyaluronic acid-based filler is injected into the skin it attracts water to help plump and fill out deep wrinkles or folds, while also hydrating skin. At the same time, it boosts collagen production to help firm skin, soften the look of fine lines and smooth texture. The filler can also be used to sculpt and define cheekbones, chin and jawline as it is thick enough to create structure and support it. 

Pro Yellow Gold Laser
Instantly tackle pigmentation and redness with this dual laser for a flawless complexion. This laser uses a combination of a 532nm Green wavelength and a 577nm Yellow wavelength to tackle a range of imperfections like rosacea, melasma, lentigo, post acne erythema, visible veins and dilated capillaries. The 532nm Green wavelength in the treatment specifically targets haemoglobin lesions, while the 577nm Yellow wavelength targets and breaks down red pigment. Together they help break down pigment clusters for a more even toned, clear complexion. The whole session only lasts about 20 minutes and you can return to your schedule immediately after slathering sunblock. 



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