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Three Express Treatments To Get During Your Lunch Hour

resized-Oct-19-2022-03-34-45-74-AMWhether you’re looking to lift and tighten skin, define contours of the face, refine skin texture or turn up the radiance, it won’t take longer than your lunch break. Over the years, beauty treatments have evolved so that they are quicker, less invasive and require minimal to no down time. At illumia Medical we have a large range of aesthetic equipment and technology, and this puts us at the forefront of non-surgical rejuvenation and anti-ageing treatments, which enables us to deliver quick treatments with maximum benefits. These are some of our most popular lunchtime treatments to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

5-minute Botulinum Toxin Skin Lift

This quick-fix treatment is ideal for anyone who has a special event and needs to get their glow on immediately. Using a very fine needle, diluted Botulinum Toxin is injected in very small amounts just under the surface of the skin. Not only does this lift and tighten the skin, it also helps minimise pores and improve skin texture and can even make skin look brighter giving it that coveted “glass effect”. It does take a few more injections per area, though, as the needle is finer and the amount of Botulinum Toxin being injected is lesser than in a conventional session.

You can get the Botulinum Toxin Skin Lift on various parts of the face and because the injections only reach the upper layers of the skin, they don’t affect the muscles below and you won’t have to worry about looking “frozen”. As the name suggests, the treatment is quick with instant results that last for a couple months or so.

Elite IQ 5D Rejuvenation

A single session of this dual-wavelength laser can help tackle multiple skin and aesthetic concerns. We’re talking dull skin, rough texture, weakened skin barrier, lax facial muscles, reduced facial definition and compromised skin barrier. This non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment delivers energy to five layers of skin right from the upper to the deepest layer of skin via a contact-free treatment tip, which reduces chances of contamination and between clients.

As the laser energy passes through the skin, it helps to reduce fat deposits, tighten fascia and stimulate collagen production at the deeper layers, which helps to firm and lift skin and tighten facial contours. On the upper, superficial layer of skin people notice improved skin texture, reduced redness, a radiant glow and a strengthened skin barrier. The treatment only takes about an hour, which makes it an ideal lunch break treatment. Plus, there is no down time or photosensitivity, which means you can return to your routine immediately.

Thread Lift

The thread lift is an ideal treatment for anyone who is looking to lift lax and sagging skin without a conventional face-lift and the downtime associated with it. In order to create the lifting effect, threads or sutures are strategically inserted horizontally into the face to pull up sagging skin and create a visibly lifted look. Thread lifts can be used to lift the neck, cheeks, brows, jawline, nasolabial folds and even crow’s feet.

The threads used are thinner than a strand of hair so you won’t feel them under the skin. However, the body identifies these threads as foreign objects and rushes to heal the area with a surge of collagen and elastin. This results in firmer, bouncier skin with smoother skin texture. After about six months, the threads safely dissolve within the body but the lifting effect can last up to two years depending on an individual’s lifestyle and ageing pattern.

Generally speaking, the answer lies within the severity of the situation. Smaller, shallow scars, left by milder conditions, could comfortably be treated with dermal fillers. Deeper, more pronounced marks and stretches may require the more complex laser treatment to be fully removed.

The line that separates these forms of treatment is razor-thin however, requiring the verdict of a medical professional, obtained through a consultation.

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