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How To Remove Eyebags Without Surgery For Brighter, Younger Eyes

Eyebags naturally occur as we age, but its severity can be worsened by allergies, clinical conditions, or poor lifestyle habits. The puffiness and pouches of skin underneath the eyes can make us look more tired than we actually are, but we can maintain our skin’s youthful appearance with just a few steps. In this article, learn about how you can remove unwanted eyebags without surgery.

What are considered eyebags?

types of eyebagsEyebags can occur in the upper or lower eyelid. These areas contain fatty deposits that are pushed out and become more visible as we age, due to the loss in facial volume.

There are 3 types of eyebags and they are recognizable by their appearance. It is possible to see two or more of these characteristics combined, but one type may be more pronounced than the others.

  • Puffiness

This type of eyebags is characterized by the swollen, “puffy” appearance of the lower eyelids. The swelling is most commonly caused by allergies, but dehydration can also play a major role. Good hydration helps to ensure good blood circulation around the eyes.

  • Bagginess

The primary cause of baggy eyes is the loss of facial volume loss caused by ageing. The loose skin under the eyes accentuates the fatty pockets residing under the lower eyelids. Although puffiness induced by allergies is treatable with medication, bagginess is more challenging to combat due to skin laxity.

treating eyebags using home remedies

  • Presence of dark circles

Dark circles present as dark or bluish discolouration under the eyes and are commonly attributed to a lack of sleep. This can make eyebags look more prominent. The difference between eye bags and dark circles is that eye bags are generally caused by an irregular distribution of tissues and fat, whereas dark circles is a pigmentation problem.

Removing/Treating eyebags without surgery using home remedies

You may consider using at-home remedies or treatments to reduce the baggy appearance under your eyes. Treatments to remove eyebags without surgery may include using under-eye creams, changing your dietary intake, or adjust your bedtime schedule to achieve the recommended duration of sleep.

  1. Reduce your salt intake: Salt, especially in large quantities, acts as a water retainer. Fluid accumulating under the eyes can create and accentuate the appearance of eyebags.
  2. Get enough sleep and treat the allergies: Allergies and a lack of sleep have been attributed to the development of eyebags, but these can be easily treated with antihistamines or allergy medications.
  3. Slightly raise your head when you sleep: By adding an extra pillow or tilting the ones you use upwards to elevate your head slightly, you can effectively prevent the fluid from accumulating overnight.

When is medical treatment necessary?

While routine changes and medication may help to slightly reduce the appearance of eye bags, the results may only be temporary and cannot promote lasting effects.

To get rid of bagginess and the amount of fatty deposits in the under-eye areas, an effective way to get around it is to reduce the amount of fats and tighten the skin around it. Traditionally, this can be achieved with an eyebag removal surgery, though patients normally prefer a non-surgical approach.

At Illumia Medical, our Non-Surgical Eye Bag Removal treatment addresses the cosmetic concerns surrounding eye bags whilst reducing the potential risks, complications and side effects for our patients, rendering an effective alternative solution for the treatment of eye bags.

What is non-surgical eyebag removal?

What is non-surgical eyebag removal

The non-surgical eyebag removal procedure relies on a combination of focused radiofrequency (RF) energy and optic cannula technology to deliver a youthful, less tired appearance. This tightens the skin around the eyes, whilst stimulating collagen production and attracting collagen towards the eyelid area.

This combination of immediate and progressive improvements will not only eliminate the eyebags but will also prevent them from returning for a while.

Speak to Dr. Ram at Illumia Medical for an eyebag assessment

If your eyebags are affecting your appearance and overall self-esteem, it is important to seek professional treatment to get ahead of the problem before it worsens. Schedule a consultation with our medical director Dr. Ram Nath for an eyebag assessment and learn more about your treatment options.

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