Restore Hair Fullness & Thickness With Papilla Regenera Program

Effectively restore your hair by accelerating new hair growth and regain confidence of your crowning glory.

Only available at Illumia Medical and Papilla Haircare.

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What is
Papilla Regenera Program?

One of the earliest signs of ageing, hair loss is characterized by lumps of hair fall and/or a receding hairline due to emotional, physical, or medical stressors. Hair loss is classified as androgenic alopecia (male- or female-pattern hair loss), involutional alopecia, alopecia areata, telogen effluvium or scarring alopecia.

Using the Regenera® Activa system, illumia’s Papilla Renegera Program effectively restores the hair by accelerating new hair growth for fuller, thicker hair.

Illumia Medical works together with a team of medical professionals and scalp experts at Papilla Haircare to formulate a medical-grade, systematic approach to restore hair fullness and thickness.

Minimal pain

Minimal downtime

Visible results in 6 sessions*

Achievable in 3 months

*Individual results may vary.

Papilla Regenera Program Can Address These Hair Woes

Don’t suffer hair loss in silence. Early hair loss treatment has higher chances of hair regrowth success.

Patchy Hair

Thinning Hair

Pattern Hair Loss

How Is Papilla Regenera Program Performed?

Cells in our bodies communicate effectively with one another to facilitate healthy growth processes, like in our hair. When these bio-signals weaken or become inactive, the regrowth processes are altered or stop entirely, resulting in hair loss and hair thinning.

Developed in Spain, the CE-certified, Japan PMPD and U.S. FDA-approved technology is a safe and effective hair transplant treatment that strengthens and revives inactive growth areas on the scalp to promote new hair growth.

In the Papilla Renegera Program, micrografts are carefully extracted from the scalp, processed into pure concentrations and are then introduced intradermally into the scalp to restore the hair regrowth processes in hair follicles. As the micrografts are extracted from the patient’s own tissues, risk of rejection is very low.

Who is Suitable For The Papilla Regenera Program?

The Papilla Renegera Program is suitable for clients who are experiencing mild to severe hair loss and/or hair thinning and whose condition can be classified under the following:

●  Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenic Alopecia)
●  Female Pattern Hair Loss
●  Involutional Alopecia
●  Alopecia Areata
●  Telogen Effluvium
●  Scarring Alopecia

Speak to our aesthetic doctor to determine your suitability for this program.

About Dr Ram Nath

Medical Director

Dr Ram Nath is the Medical Director of Illumia Medical. He started his first aesthetics practice in 2001. Over the last 20 years, he has established himself as a senior physician in the non-surgical aesthetics arena and has treated numerous patients and performed a vast array of procedures to enhance and improve skin complexion, facial features, and body contours.

With a medical astuteness in aesthetic and cosmetic treatments combined with his passion and understanding of his patients’ goals, Dr Nath delivers a positive experience for his patients, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction without compromising the treatments’ efficacy and deliverability.

"At illumia Medical, it’s all about achieving maximum results with minimal effort.”
Kim Lim, Founder, illumia Medical
Kim Lim, Founder, illumia Medical


Founded by Kim Lim, we are an all-in-one medispa specialising in advanced beauty solution for your face, skin and body. At illumia Therapeutics, we celebrate you. Our ethos is to help you achieve your beauty goals. Wheter you're looking to brigthen, plump, lift or firm, our team of experienced therapists are committed to provide you witha tailored treatment plan. Through our team's year of expertise and use of innovative, illumia-exclusice technologies, you can expect maximum results with minimum effort.

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FAQs About Illumia Medical’s Papilla Regenera Program

Visible results can be seen after the program is completed, which would be at least 6 sessions spanning across 3 months.

The hair cells delivered into the scalp are your own, thus this encourages the hair cells to produce hair fibers for thicker, healthier hair over time. Upon completion of the program, a session each year is recommended to maintain your results.

The cost of the program depends on individual goals and needs. Schedule a consultation with our aesthetic doctor for an estimated quotation.

Patients of Illumia Medical are treated under the care of Dr Ram, our medical director who provides over 20 years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine, having performed thousands of successful aesthetic and cosmetic procedures including skin and facial enhancement and body contouring. Our doctor will perform a detailed assessment and, in discussion with you, recommend the most appropriate, tailor-made treatment plan to help you to achieve what you desire.

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