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Non Surgical Eyebag Removal in Singapore for Puffy, Deep Eyebags

To meet the demands of the modern lifestyle, erratic sleep schedules and late-night television shows have resulted in the small sacs beneath the eyes, or eyebags. Eyebags and puffy eyes can make us appear older and more tired-looking, thus people resort to covering them up with concealers to look fresher and alert. When you don’t want to be going under the knife, what are your eye bag removal treatment options to reduce under eye bags?

In this article, we look at the alternative: non surgical eyebag removal treatments in Singapore.

What is an eyebag?

what is an eyeag

An eyebag is as a cosmetic concern characterized by an under-eye swelling or bulge that makes us look fatigued and older. Though not medically or symptomatically dangerous, the asymmetric appearance of eyebags may add a jaded appearance of the face.

Physiologically, these bags are simply loose skin pouches filled with fluid or accumulated fat.

Causes of eyebags

Advancing age

At a young age, the amount of fat and fluid present below the skin in the periorbital (eye) area is equally spread and well-supported by muscles, tissues and overlying tight skin.

But as we age, the volume of fat and fluids increase gradually, and the muscles and other supporting structures also become weaker. Together with the loss of elasticity and tightness in the skin due to collagen degeneration, the skin under the eyes begin to sag. In addition, gravity takes over and pulls the accumulated infraorbital fats and fluids downwards, which then forms unsightly eyebags.

Not to mention, age-induced volume loss in the cheek areas can also make the eyebags look more prominent.

what an eyebag looks like

Hereditary factors

Puffy eyebags can run in families. Some people are more prone to gather fat around the eye area due to their genes, and may see eyebags developing at a very early age too.

Eyebags can also form due to fluid retention caused by an excessive intake of salt and alcoholic beverages. Lifestyle habits such as insufficient sleep, smoking, alcohol consumption, or sun exposure can also make your skin age faster.

Are eye bags and dark circles the same thing?

Though sometimes used collectively, eyebags and dark circles are two completely different conditions.


  Eye bags Dark circles
Presents as Swelling below the eyes Darkening of the skin under the eyes
Primary cause(s) Aging, genetics Lack of sleep, genetically – thin skin, fatigue,
exposure to the sun
Pathophysiology Skin laxity + fat-fluid herniation Thin and translucent skin +
superficial venous congestion
Characteristics during the day Worse in the morning and lessens as day passes as the fluid naturally drains Constant throughout the day

How do you know if you have eyebags or dark circles?

Gently lift up the skin between two fingers. If pigmentation persists, it is a dark circle. However, if the darkness fades, it indicates an eyebag.

Types of eyebags

The eyebag removal treatment that is most suitable for you depends on the severity. Eyebags can be classified into 3 types:


Type 1 Type 2 Type 3
  • Very mild with minimal fat accumulation under the eyes
  • Usually goes unnoticed, visible only at certain angles such as while looking up
  • Mainly caused by genetics and aging
  • Can be treated with non surgical eyebag removal methods such as creams, serums, fillers and laser therapy
  • More prominent, semi-circular moon-shaped swelling under the eyes
  • Noticeable and eye-catching
  • Usually include seasonal allergies, dehydration, sleep deprivation, hormonal imbalance and stress
  • Best managed with non surgical eyebag removal interventions
  • Can be treated with eyebag removal surgery
  • Extremely prominent, distinct semi-circular eye pouches filled with large amounts of fat
  • Very noticeable
  • Eyes look overly swollen and tired
  • Best treated with eyebag removal surgery

How can we de-puff the eyes without resorting to surgery?

Eye creams and serums

eye creams to reduce eyebags

An easy and most economical way to manage mild eyebags is off-the-shelf eye creams. Look out for the following ingredients to help boost the collagen production in the skin and restore the loss of volume under the eyes.

  • Vitamin C: An antioxidant which promotes collagen regeneration to tighten and uplift the sagging skin.
  • Retinols and peptides: Collagen stimulators.
  • Hyaluronic acid: To aid skin healing and bring about smoothness to the skin.
  • Caffeine: To constrict blood vessels and hence, restrict the fluid built up.
  • Green tea extracts: Soothing agents.

The difference between eye creams and serums is that serums are made of lightweight micro-sized molecules. These can easily penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, thus producing a stronger effect.

Home-based remedies & lifestyle changes

The best way to prevent eyebags is to get ahead of it. Natural, skin-friendly home-based remedies may be of help for lighter eyebags, and can reduce the swelling that may form.

reduce puffy eyebags with cucumbers

Apply cold compress using a clean washcloth over the eyes to reduce puffiness in the morning. The cold temperatures constricts the blood vessels and restricts the blood flow to the swollen area. Cold cucumber slides or refrigerated tea bags work in the same manner.

Good lifestyle habits such as getting the recommended amount of sleep each night, eating healthily, staying hydrated, and protecting your skin from sun exposure can also help to reduce and prevent eyebags. Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption or smoking can go a long way in promoting the overall health of your skin.

Non surgical eyebag removal treatments

Except for the severe types of eyebags, non-invasive facial treatments are effective in reducing eyebags as well. They work by reducing the swelling, improving the production of collagen in the skin, and smoothening the complexion of the skin underneath the eyes to give a brighter, fresher appearance.

non surgical eyebag removal treatment

Several types of non surgical eyebag removal treatments involve using modern technologies to lift and tighten the lax skin around the eyes, such as radiofrequency (RF) eyebag treatments, laser therapy, or ultrasound therapy.

  • Microneedle RF: RF waves are delivered to the skin via microneedles. These waves generate heat which eventually melts accumulated fats and stimulates collagen synthesis to stiffen the loose skin.
  • Lasers: Both PICO and fractional lasers reduce puffiness by encouraging collagen synthesis to lift the skin in the under-eye area.
  • Ultherapy and HIFU: Ultherapy uses medical-grade high intensity focused ultrasound whereas HIFU uses thermal energy to remove fat cells and reverse skin laxity by inducing collagen production.

On the same note, injectable fillers can be useful in lightening the dark circles that accompany under eyebags, and facial fillers typically contain natural substances like hyaluronic acid. These can be used to replace the volume loss in the tear trough and cheek areas. It fills in (deep beneath the under-eye muscle) and elevates the areas adjacent to the baggy areas to get a uniform, smooth skin surface.

Non surgical eyebag removal at Illumia Medical

illumia medical non surgical eyebag removal

Using our proprietary Hybrid2 Protocol, our team of aesthetic doctors efficiently combine 2 technologies to get rid of under eyebags and puffiness. Dr Ram Nath’s Non Surgical Eyebag Removal procedure uses high-intensity focused radiofrequency (F-RF) and optic cannula technology to effectively restore the consistency of tissues, skin, and muscle in the lower eyelid and treat mild to severe eyebags.

The advantages of the non-surgical eyebag removal procedure are:

  • Promoting newer collagen synthesis and remodelling to tighten the dermis of the lower eyelid and thus, creates a lifting effect
  • Eliminating the excess fat accumulated in the subdermal area
  • Reducing the water retention underneath the skin layers without affecting the surrounding skin; and
  • Regaining the natural consistency of skin for a refreshed and youthful look without any scarring.


No two skin concerns are identical, and thus requires different interventions to address and treat them accordingly. If you desire a scarless, non-invasive method to remove eyebags or under eye puffiness, schedule a simple assessment with our certified aesthetic doctors at Illumia today.

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