Natural, Non-Surgical Facelift with 16pt Facelift

From $780/session

Restore volume in 16 strategic facial areas without any surgery for a natural facelift, lasting 12 to 18 months.

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What is

A signature procedure at Illumia Medical, the 16 point facelift is a non-surgical technique used to restore volume in 16 strategic areas, giving the face a natural-looking LIFT and support.

How is Illumia Medical's 16pt Facelift
Different from Traditional Facelifts?

Traditional facelifts involve surgical risk and the possibility of scarring if the surgery doesn’t go as expected. Even if the facelift surgery goes well, downtime is 7-10 days and the recovery can take up to a few months.

Illumia Medical’s 16pt facelift, on the other hand, is non-surgical (using a very fine needle instead of cutting) so there’s no risk of scarring. Patients also experience minimal pain and slight discomfort, and reduced downtime since there’s no surgery.


Reduced Downtime

No Risk Of Scarring

A Non-Surgical Solution For Volume Loss & Facial Ageing

The Medical 16Pt Facelift gives a natural and long-lasting lifting effect for facial ageing concerns such as:

Tear Trough & Mid Face

Nasolabial Folds

Jowls & Cheeks


Addressing your facial ageing concerns doesn’t have to be painful and risky while getting the results you’ll be satisfied with.

Because of PHMC guidelines, we’re unable to show before/after pictures. However, we’re more than happy to share before/after results of our patients with you to understand more about the results to expect. Please contact us.

Benefits of 16pt Facelift For A Natural Facelift

Natural-looking facelift

Overall facial shape enhancement

Gentle but visible lift of the facial structure

Smoother skin, reduced lines and wrinkles

Brighter, more radiant skin

"At illumia Medical, it’s all about achieving maximum results with minimal effort.”
Kim Lim, Founder, illumia Medical


Founded by Kim Lim, we are an all-in-one medispa specialising in advanced beauty solution for your face, skin and body. At illumia Therapeutics, we celebrate you. Our ethos is to help you achieve your beauty goals. Wheter you're looking to brigthen, plump, lift or firm, our team of experienced therapists are committed to provide you witha tailored treatment plan. Through our team's year of expertise and use of innovative, illumia-exclusice technologies, you can expect maximum results with minimum effort.

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We're happy to show before/after pictures of our patients upon request.

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Medical 16Pt Facelift FAQs

Yes, it is. The Medical 16Pt Facelift is performed by a board-certified doctor, Dr Ong Xiangning. All needles used for the procedure are medically sterilised.

There’ll be local anesthesia to reduce the pain to the minimum. Patients typically don’t find the procedure painful at all after local anesthesia is applied.

Bruises and slight swelling may occur at the injection sites, which will resolve itself within 3 to 7 days. You can return to your normal activities right after the procedure, however, strenuous physical activity should be avoided for 48 hours after the treatment.

The Medical 16Pt Facelift usually takes about 60 minutes from start to finish, but the actual duration may vary across individuals.

Patients see visible results after the first session. Results last 1-2 years depending on your condition, and repeat procedures will help maintain the results longer.

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