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How To Care For Your Skin Between Laser Treatments According To A Doctor

main pic 1060 x 761 pxWhether you’re looking to tackle a few sun spots, obliterate acne, blast broken blood vessels or improve skin texture and sculpt contours, there’s a laser treatment for that. These aesthetic treatments cause controlled damage to the surface of the skin using light and heat energy, and the body reacts by creating new skin to help heal the tissue. While it sounds a little scary in theory, the treatments are quick, effective, non-invasive, relatively painless and have little to no down time IRL.

However, to really get the best results from your laser treatment, it’s important to follow through with the right after care. According to Dr. Ong Xiang Ning, Medical Doctor at illumia Medical, “Depending on the type of laser treatment done, there may be redness, dryness, or scabbing post-treatment. The right post-laser care protocol can maximise efficacy of the treatment and improve recovery time.” Here’s what you need to do to take care of your skin after your laser aesthetic treatment.

Keep Skin Moisturised

keep skin moisturised_1060 x 761 pxThis kind of aesthetic treatment is bound to make your skin slightly raw and sensitive even if you don’t normally have sensitive skin. Given that the skin’s barrier is compromised and still healing from the “controlled damage” that the laser has inflicted on the skin, it’s best to skip active ingredients for the time being and instead, focus on keeping the skin moisturised. “Good moisturisation post treatment helps to restore the skin’s barrier to reduce transepidermal water loss and reduce any post-treatment inflammatory reactions. This gives your skin cells the best chance to regenerate and heal,” explains Dr Ong.

Using the Baby Drops Mask that is packed with soothing, nourishing and moisturising ingredients will help skin heal faster after this kind of aesthetic treatment. Olive fruit oil drenches skin in moisture, while panthenol and allantoin boost hydration, improve elasticity, soothe raw skin and speed up healing. The mask also has witch hazel leaf extract that helps strengthen the skin barrier and improve skin health. Purslane extract calms irritated skin while reducing signs of ageing. And, the bio-cellulose sheet mask acts as an occlusive layer for the 15 to 20 minutes you have it on. There’s no need to wash your face after you remove the mask, just tap in the excess product and seal in all the goodness with a rich moisturiser.

Prioritise Sun Protection 

Sun protection_1060 x 761 px

Under normal circumstances, extended exposure to the sun can cause redness, pigmentation, dryness, dehydration, and accelerate skin ageing. After an aesthetic treatment like laser, because your skin is a tad sensitive and at its most vulnerable, it is even more susceptible to sun damage. “Exposure to sun can result in a rebound darkening of treated pigmentation,” explains Dr Ong, “hence, it is crucial to apply sunscreen regularly post procedure, and to avoid intense sun exposure between treatments.”

Sun protection should be part of your daily skincare routine even if you’re indoors as UVA/UVB radiation can penetrate glass windows and cause damage to the skin. To get sufficient coverage from your sunscreen, ideally you would need to apply 1/4 teaspoon of a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50, for the face and 1/4 teaspoon for the neck region. This should be reapplied every two to four hours or more frequently if you are exercising or doing water activities.

For an increased level of protection, oral sunscreen can be added to the routine. This addition is especially useful if you’re outdoors for long periods of time during which sunscreen can be inadvertently rubbed off. It is also particularly helpful as additional protection if you have very sun-sensitive conditions such as melasma.

Go for a Rejuvenating Facial Treatment

As your skin starts to heal you might want to boost moisture and speed up recovery with the illumia Therapeutic’s Needleless PDRN Healer treatment. According to Dr Ong, “PDRN has the ability to encourage cell growth and tissue repair. Post-treatment, it is an ideal ingredient to promote skin regeneration to improve the skin recovery process.” This makes it the ideal aesthetic treatment to get in tandem with your laser protocol.

Salmon PDRN is biocompatible with humans and is safe for long-term use. It helps reverse signs of ageing and improves skin texture, firmness and elasticity. During the aesthetic treatment SkinElectroporation™ (S.E.P.) technology disrupts the cell membrane with low electrical pulses to allow for better delivery of the PDRN formula into the deeper layers of skin making it 17 times more effective than other topical applications. It does not disrupt the skin barrier further which means there is no risk of infection. The electrical pulses feel like gentle pokes and generally do not cause any pain.

This aesthetic treatment will help rejuvenate your skin and restore luminosity and radiance even if you haven’t had a laser treatment recently. Experience the glow with this 1st Trial Voucher.

Everyone’s skin is different. Depending on the laser treatment(s) you’ve received, different skin types might require different after care protocols. Hence, it is recommended that you speak to an aesthetic doctor to work out the best option for your skincare goals. Schedule a consultation with our aesthetic doctor today to learn more today.

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