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Here’s How Some Of Your Favourite Aesthetic Treatments Target The Skin

resized-Dec-28-2022-09-04-56-8037-AMDid you know that your skin is actually the largest organ of the body? While your concerns with your skin may be purely to do with its tone, texture and tautness, it actually performs many important functions. It is a complex structure with different layers and is made up of water, protein, fats and minerals. Let’s take a closer look at these layers and how different aesthetic treatments target the various layers to help you achieve your beauty goals.  Read Part II here.

5G Thermage FLX: Kim always starts her session with this non-invasive skin contouring and sculpting treatment. It helps to define the chin and jawline, soften the look of lines and wrinkles, lift droopy eyelids, improve the nasolabial fold and marionette lines and tighten lax skin on the neck. To do this it uses radio frequency energy to safely heat the various layers of the skin in a controlled manner. This in turn triggers the body’s natural collagen production and remodels the collagen matrix deep within the skin to lift and tighten the skin. The treatment can be completely customised to your unique needs and goals thanks to four different applicators in four different sizes that target various areas of concern. The newest addition, the Total Tip 4.0 has a larger surface area to reduce treatment time and deliver faster results by up to 25 per cent.

HIFU Face Lift Ultraformer 3: As the name suggests, this treatment is most commonly known as a lifting and tighening solution for the face, but it can also be used to treat lax skin on the body and Kim gets a full body HIFU treatment to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat and keep skin taut and firm all over. The Ultraformer 3 SMART device emits precise ultrasound beams that bypass the upper layers and target the deeper layers of skin to create “controlled damage”. This sends the skin into wound healing mode and triggers production of collagen and elastin to tighten skin. It also helps get rid of stubborn subcutaneous fat, which is then naturally eliminated from the body to help reduce inches. All of this happens without any damage to the surrounding tissue which means you’re able to get superior results form the treatment with minimal pain or side effects.

HA Skin Booster (Body): If Kim or her doctor notice any areas that have slightly more loose skin they opt for HA Skin Booster (Body) to further help tighten the skin. This is an injectable that is designed to treat lax skin at areas like the inner arm, abdomen, neck, hands etc. It is packed with pure hyaluronic acid in different molecular weights and it helps stimulate four different types of collagen and elastin in the body. This boost in production of collagen and elastin helps support skin better so it looks firm, plump and youthful. The treatment is injected following the Bio Aesthetic Points technique that also helps for better dispersal of the products into the tissue so that skin is hydrated, plump and smooth.

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