Gold Laser Singapore


Gold Laser Singapore

Gold Laser Singapore

What is the Gold Laser?

As we age, the structure of blood vessels changes and this often leads to pigment disorders, uneven skin tones and the formation of port-wine stains, small strawberry marks, dilated capillaries and couperose skin. Illumia’s GOLD laser is effective in treating such vascular conditions.

An effective way to reduce REDNESS and remove PIGMENTATION.


How does it work?

The GOLD laser uses a specific 532nm GREEN wavelength that is selectively absorbed by hemoglobin lesions, combined with a specific 577nm YELLOW wavelength that destroys the red pigment and breaks it down.YELLOW wavelength

Gold Laser vs ND: YAG Lasers for Vascular Treatment

Due to the unique wavelengths and penetration depth of the GOLD Laser, it is able to treat superficial red veins such as Telangiectasia, Hemangiomas, Spider veins, Small leg veins, Rosacea, Post Acne Erythema and Lentigines.Pentration Depth


Recommended for the following Conditions:






Rosacea / Couperose

 Spider Naevus


Spider Naevus







 Post Acne Erythema


Post Acne Erythema




Why choose Illumia’s Gold Laser?

Your skin type is an important factor as the amount of melanin present in your skin affects the treatment outcome. Hence it is vital to choose an experienced doctor who is skilled at diagnosis and using the correct laser parameters. Annotation 2020-04-28 183549

What conditions does it treat?

  1. Vascular Lesions
    1. Telangiectasia
    2. Rosacea
    3. Spider veins
    4. Haemangiomas
    5. Port wine stains
  2. Pigments
    1. Lentigo
    2. Melasma
  3. Skin brightening and rejuvenation

Annotation 2020-04-28 184943


Clinical Studies




Key Benefits

  • Skin brightening and radiance
  • Improvement in skin tone and pigmentation
  • Effectively targets vascular lesions
  • Overall rejuvenation


Is it painful?

The pain experienced is similar to a snap of a rubber band. The unique cooling tip of Illumia’s GOLD laser and cooling gel makes the treatment comfortable with no need for numbing.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is generally safe.

How long does it take?

The treatment is completed in 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the size of the treated area and the condition.

How many sessions will I need?

Number of sessions is dependent on a few factors such as the patient’s skin colour, density of pigmentation, etc. In general,  a course of 5 to 10 sessions at 4 week intervals is recommended.

Is there downtime?

There is no downtime. You can return to work or resume your daily activities. There may be mild redness which is normal and will fade away in a few hours.


Apply Illumia’s aftercare cream which will be provided to you. Sunblock will be necessary post-treatment as advised. Makeup should be avoided for the next 3 days.


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