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Festive Beauty Prep Countdown: Treatments To Get Right Now

resized-Nov-08-2022-03-47-21-2192-AMThe festive season is upon us, and right now is the best time to get started on an aesthetic treatment regimen. While some aesthetic treatments show results immediately after the first session, others like HIFU and skin boosters require a few weeks before you start noticing significant results. Starting your treatments early will not only ensure you beat the festive rush, it will also give you sufficient lead time to see final results for all the big year-end events in your social calendar.

We’ve come up with the ideal aesthetic treatment schedule so that you look your absolute best this festive season.

T-6 weeks: Tighten, lift and firm

HIFU Facelift Ultraformer 3
This non-invasive treatment with zero downtime uses ultrasound energy to target skin at multiple depths to lift, tighten, and tackle fine lines and wrinkles. The precise ultrasound beams from the Ultraformer 3 SMART device bypass the upper layer of skin and go deep within to trigger “controlled damage” which then leads to a boost in collagen production. It is also able to get rid of stubborn fat cells at the subcutaneous layer. All this is done without damaging the surrounding tissue. As the production of collagen takes some time, you will typically notice results in a few weeks, while best results are seen in a couple of months.

HA Skin Booster Body
If you’re looking to tackle loose skin on the body that may have resulted from weight loss (postpartum or otherwise) or your skin’s natural ageing process, this is also the right time to get HA Skin Booster (Body). The injectable skin-boosting treatment has a high concentration of pure hyaluronic acid in different molecular weights to flood the skin with hydration and keep it smooth and plump. It also helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to help tighten loose, crepey skin at the arms, neck, chest and even abdomen so you don’t feel conscious in that sexy gown you’re planning to wear. You may notice some results after your first session, but you will see best results after about eight weeks.

T-4 weeks: Sculpt and contour

Rejubright (a combination of Elite 5D Face Rejuvenation + illumia Skin Booster)
Achieve that coveted V-shaped visage along with radiant, glowing skin with sessions of the Elite 5D Face Rejuvenation treatment. The dual wavelength laser treatment targets all the layers of facial skin, and at the deepest layer it helps to further sculpt the face by tightening fascia, dissolving fat cells and stimulating collagen production. On the superficial level, it helps refine skin texture, reduce redness, strengthen the skin barrier and impart a radiant glow. This glow is then boosted with illumia Skin Boosters that are a cocktail of illumia’s proprietary blend of skin repairing ingredients and hyaluronic acid. These help strengthen the skin’s natural defences as well as brighten and soothe inflammation.

Thread lift
Looking to lift specific areas of the face like the jowls, jawline, laugh lines, eyebrows? A thread lift will give you significant results in time for your festive events. During the treatment an extremely fine thread is strategically inserted into the face to suspend the targeted area and create a lifting effect. The threads are absolutely safe and completely dissolve over time. But before that, the body recognizes them as “foreign objects” and rushes to heal the area with collagen, which further contributes to the lifting and firming effect. You will see some immediate results after your treatment, but the real lifting and firming starts to show after about four weeks. Plus, getting the treatment earlier will allow any bruising to subside before you have to go to a party.

T-2 weeks: Brighten and smooth

Tone Up Laser Duo
This treatment harnesses the benefits of both Pro-Yellow Gold Laser and PICO Discovery laser to tackle red and brown blemishes so that your skin is clear, smooth and glowing for the festive season. Pro-Yellow Gold is a dual wavelength laser that has different depths of penetration. This allows it to tackle both redness and pigmentation. We’re talking rosacea, visible veins and dilated capillaries among other vascular lesions, as well as post acne erythema or redness. It also helps combat pigmentation like melasma.

The PICO Discovery laser at illumia Medical also has dual wavelengths that allow it to work in both Q-switch and photo-thermal mode. This means it can target a wider range of indications like dark spots, pigmentation, solar lentigo and freckles as well as acne wrinkles and dull skin for overall skin rejuvenation and brightening. It breaks down the pigment by emitting lightning fast energy pulses that shatter the clusters of pigment. The same laser also helps stimulate production of collagen and elastin within the skin to improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles and pores.

T-1 Day

Facial illumia Therapeutics: Dew you and glow up
The above aesthetics regimen or protocol will already have your face looking snatched and sculpted and skin smooth, clear and radiant. The day before your big event all that is left to do is get a facial at illumia Therapeutics. With a wide range of facials available, there will definitely be one that suits your skin’s needs and concerns.                    


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