Fat Grafting to the Breast


Fat Grafting to the Breast

Fat Grafting to the Breast Singapore


What is fat grafting to the breast?

Fat grafting to the breast helps to augment breast shape and size by harvesting your own fat from areas of excess using liposuction, processing the lipoaspirate to retain the cells and factors that have beneficial effects, and injecting it into the breast in the appropriate layers and areas to maximize the retention and aesthetic outcomes. It is completely natural and the results feel like your own breast tissue. Fat grafting can also be used in other areas of the body to help with contouring, such as the face.

How is it performed and what can I expect?

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The procedure is usually done as day surgery under general anaesthesia, especially when a larger volume of fat is required. Before the procedure, together with you, your surgeon will mark areas of the breast that require fat grafting, and areas of the body where fat can be harvested from.

Incisions for the procedure are extremely small and heal imperceptibly. The procedure itself involves the use of liposuction to extract the appropriate amount of fat (lipoaspirate) while minimizing blood loss and scars.

The lipoaspirate is processed in a centrifuge to separate its components (the Coleman technique), and the portion containing fat cells, stem cells and growth factors is retained for injection.

Through small puncture holes in the breast, the fat is injected strategically and in small parcels to structurally alter the shape of the breast while maximizing fat survival.

What are the side effects?

Post-procedurally, there may be mild pain and bruising at the fat graft harvest sites, which are usually well controlled with oral medication.

Complications with fat grafting, though uncommon, can happen. As the procedure involves liposuction, complications of can occur, though this is exceedingly uncommon. For the areas where fat is grafted to, though rare, there may be infection, irregularities, asymmetry and graft loss. These are usually easily corrected by a second minor procedure.

How much fat can be transferred and how long does it last?

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There is a limit as to how much fat can be injected during each procedure. Overfilling of the breast can limit fat survival and cause hardening. Therefore, if large volume breast enhancement is desired, you may need a few sessions of fat grafting, spaced 3-6 months apart. If injected well, you should expect about 70% of the fat transferred to remain, with the final result seen at 2-3 months after the procedure.

Who is a suitable candidate for fat grafting to the breasts?

Discerning individuals who desire natural breast enhancement results, who have adequate fat harvest sites, and who are able to accept the possibility of repeat procedures over a few months to a year are ideal candidates for fat grafting to the breast.

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What are the pros and cons of fat grafting to the breast compared to
breast augmentation with implants?

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Fat grafting to the breast is the most natural way of enhancing your breast shape and size, with very minimal scars. Because you are using your own tissue, there is no chance of rejection and a much reduced risk of infection as compared to breast implants.

Besides the small risk of complications, the main drawback of fat grafting is the limited amount that can be injected in each sitting. Breast augmentation with implants, though faster through a one-stage procedure, carries a higher risk of infection, scars and painful capsule formation.

In addition, despite advances in breast implant technology, they do not feel nearly as natural as your own fatty tissue.

Why choose Illumia Medical?

Our board-certified, aesthetic-fellowship trained plastic surgeon has undergone rigorous training in breast augmentation and reconstruction both locally and overseas. He has extensive experience with a wide range of breast implants and techniques, and, together with you, will make the best informed choice of procedure that will suit your goals.


What is the best method for breast enlargement?

The current best methods for breast enlargement are either fat grafting to the breast or breast augmentation with implants. Each method has its pros and cons, and which one to use should be decided in a thorough consultation with our trained plastic surgeon, who will utilize the latest knowledge and technology to show you the potential results through 3D imaging, discuss your needs and desires, and tailor make the best procedure that will suit you.


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