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Dr Ram Nath

Medical Director

“Aesthetic treatments are more about looking the very best you can. A single treatment done at the right time to strengthen skin fibres and tissues that are weakening can change the forward trajectory of the skin ageing process.”

Dr Ram Nath is the Medical Director of Illumia Medical. He started his first aesthetics practice in 2001. Over the last 20 years, he has established himself as a senior physician in the non-surgical aesthetics arena and has treated numerous patients and performed a vast array of procedures to enhance and improve skin complexion, facial features, and body contours.

Dr Ram graduated with MBBS (United Kingdom) in 1996, and subsequently built a solid foundation in aesthetics and cosmetic treatments by undergoing training and mentorship with learned and experienced practitioners in Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Korea, and USA.

Dr Ram believes in adopting a holistic approach to treatment, and uses a combination of fully-tested, non-surgical rejuvenation treatments to address dermatological problems at different levels, delivering optimal results for patients safely while minimising downtime.

With a medical astuteness in aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, combined with his passion and understanding of his patients’ goals, Dr Nath delivers a positive experience for his patients, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction without compromising the treatments’ efficacy and deliverability.

In his free time, Dr Ram enjoys reading, travelling, and engaging in sports such as tennis, as well as working out at the gym.