Double Eyelid


Double Eyelid

Double Eyelid Surgery and Creation


‘The eye is the jewel of the body’ Henry David Thoreau

The first thing we notice about others is their eyes. More than any other feature on the face, our eyes tell our emotions and stories. It is natural then that we pay close attention to their appearance. Every individual is unique and each person’s eyes should blend harmoniously with the rest of his or her facial features. There are, however, commonalities in attractive eyes. Captivating and appealing eyes appear bright and engaging. They should have appropriate dimensions which frame the pupil, a crisp yet natural upper eyelid fold at the appropriate height, and adequate volume in the upper and lower eyelids.

What are double eyelids?

women with double eyelids

A double eyelid is an upper eyelid where a skin fold forms when the eye is open. This happens because the muscle which helps us elevate the upper eyelid gives off fibrous attachments to the skin where a crease is formed, thus simultaneously opening the eye whilst forming the double eyelid. In Asians, this crease is usually lower or even absent, correspondingly leading to a lower or absent fold. Whilst lower folds can suit some Asian faces well, quite often a low or absent fold gives the eyes a tired or dull look.

What is a hidden double eyelid?

hidden double eyelids

A hidden double eyelid is an eyelid crease that is present but is not easily perceptible due to it either being too low, or there being too much skin/fat/muscle overhanging the crease such that it cannot be seen. This can be surgically corrected with the appropriate procedure, as discussed with your plastic surgeon.

Why do my double eyelids sometimes disappear?

Just as hidden double eyelids are caused by skin/fat/muscle overhanging the crease, a double eyelid that disappears is due to swelling of the tissue around the eyelid crease which causes the crease to be camouflaged. This can be caused by conditions which lead to water retention in the eyelids, such as lack of sleep, crying or post-procedural swelling, amongst others.

 double eyelid suture or stitching technique


What is the suture or stitching technique?

The suture (or stich) upper blepharoplasty is a minimally invasive (or ‘closed’) form of double eyelid creation. It avoids the needs for large incisions, and relies on a good knowledge of anatomy to precisely place sutures in the appropriate structures to create the double eyelid crease. It can be done under local anaesthetic in the clinic, and has relatively little bruising or swelling. As there is no ability for skin or fat to be removed, it is not suitable for all upper eyelids, especially the ones with heavier skin. Other complications, though seldom and mild, include asymmetries, recurrence of single eyelid, and eye irritative symptoms. However, in select patients, the suture upper blepharoplasty can yield great, lasting results with minimal downtime.

stitching double eyelid surgery process

incisional double eyelids surgery


What is incisional double eyelid surgery?

Incisional double eyelid surgery involves a longitudinal skin incision where the eventual double eyelid crease will be created. Utilizing this ‘open’ approach, the anatomy of the upper eyelid can be clearly seen, and precise sutures can be placed in the relevant upper eyelid structures to create a lasting, natural crease. In addition, an open approach enables better control of any skin that needs to be excised or any fat that needs to be removed. The downside as compared to the ‘closed’ suture blepharoplasty is that the bruising, swelling and recovery time will be a few weeks longer. However, it is the most powerful way of creating a pleasing double eyelid fold.

incisional double eyelid surgery process

What can I expect from the procedure and how long can the results last?

Suture upper blepharoplasty takes about 15-20min for each eye. Incisional upper blepharoplasty takes about 30-45min for each eye, depending on the complexity. Secondary cases will require more time. For more information, please see section on ‘What can you expect from Blepharoplasty?’ 

If done well, double eyelid surgery can last you a lifetime. Do note that the incisional upper blepharoplasty technique, due to its ability to more precisely correct the anatomy, has a higher chance of a long-lasting result than the suture upper blepharoplasty technique.

Why choose Illumia Medical?

Our plastic surgeon is fully accredited with MOH, is double-fellowship qualified, and has extensively trained and observed with eminent blepharoplasty surgeons from the East and West. He will perform a thorough assessment and, in discussion with you, recommend the appropriate, tailor made procedure to achieve what you desire.


Above all, your comfort and safety are our priority.

Price of double eyelid surgery

The cost of an upper eyelid procedure ranges from $2500, depending on the technique and procedures required. This is an all-inclusive price and includes basic medications, basic sedation, stitch removal and follow ups.


Do double eyelids make my eyes bigger?

A well-formed, crisp and natural double eyelid fold can make the eyes appear larger. Quite often, an absent or low double eyelid fold can be associated with a droopy eyelid in general, leading to a condition known as eyelid ptosis (see ptosis correction). If this happens, part of the procedure that needs to be done would be raising the eyelid as well as creating the double eyelid fold.

Can double eyelid surgery change the shape of my eyes?

A crisp eyelid crease naturally gives the eyes a brighter appearance. Double eyelid surgery can also make the eyes look bigger when combined with procedures that either lift the upper eyelid border, giving the eye a wider vertical aperture, or those that widen the horizontal appearance of the eyes (medial or lateral epicanthoplasty).

Is double eyelid surgery safe?

In general, double eyelid surgery is very safe if performed by a well-qualified plastic surgeon. Post-surgical bruising and swelling is usually mild. While there are no procedures without complications, those that occur with upper blepharoplasty are thankfully rare and treatable. These include bleeding, infection, scarring, asymmetry and dry eyes. The literature has stated visual problems after blepharoplasty, but this is very rare.

Is it painful?

The majority of double eyelid surgery is performed under local anaesthesia. Once this is injected, there should be no more pain, though occasionally pressure might be felt. For more information, please see section on ‘What can you expect from Blepharoplasty?’


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