Cooltech 360 Fat Freezing


Cooltech 360 Fat Freezing

Cooltech 360 Fat Freezing

Localized Fat Reduction

Even with a diet and exercise plan, many find it difficult to selectively target fats in certain areas of our body.

Cooltech 360 uses cryoadipolysis technology to apply controlled cold energy to fat cells. The cold energy freezes the fat cells to death in a safe and controlled manner, which is then naturally expelled by the body.

With Cooltech, all parts of the body can be targeted, including traditionally hard-to-reach areas such as the arms, armpit, love handles, abdomen and inner thighs.

What areas can fat freezing target?


  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Knees
  • Thighs
  • Back
  • Butt

How does Cooltech work?



Cooltech 360 is a permanent fat reduction treatment, targeting localised stubborn fat pockets. It freezes adipose tissue to -8 degrees.

The treatment is non-invasive and safe. Only fat cells are affected as fat cells being rich in fatty acids have lower freezing points as compared to other cells.

To prevent the skin from getting ice burns, a gel pad is used for cryoprotection. This protects the skin and leaves it unharmed.

The device comes with an array of applicator heads that can be applied to all parts of the body. Traditionally, fat freezing devices tend to have difficulty adhering to certain parts of the body. The Cooltech 360 overcomes this by having curved applicator heads contoured to fit certain body parts.

How is the treatment done?


To begin, the therapist will cleanse the treatment area. Up to 4 areas can be treated simultaneously, and cooling gel pads will be placed at the treated areas. More gel is applied to keep your skin protected from ice burns.

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The correct applicator is used to adhere to each cooling pad. Once fitted, the treatment begins and lasts for approximately 60 to 90mins.

Fat Freezing - Price, Cost & Aftercare in Singapore


The price of fat freezing depends on the size of the treatment area, the number of applicators needed and the treatment sessions required to achieve best results. The average price ranges from $1000 to  $1200, and is an all-inclusive price with follow up reviews and medication as needed. To receive a precise quotation, schedule a consultation with our doctor for a treatment plan customised for your needs.


Experts generally recommend that patients should avoid going to the sauna and any exposure to extreme cold or heat after a fat freeze treatment.

Why choose Illumia Medical for Fat Freezing

When it comes to choosing a provider for your fat freezing procedure, it is vital to choose a doctor with a strong knowledge of modern technologies and how to combine them for effective results. Many people choose fat freezing over liposuction due to its low risk of complications.
Moreover, non-invasive procedures mean minimal risk and minimal chance of scarring. If you are looking for natural-looking enhancements in body sculpting, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our doctor.


Is it safe?

Cryoadipolysis is a safe non-invasive technique that activates the apoptosis process by applying controlled cooling to permanently remove fat cells in various body parts. This, unlike other invasive methods, is not a procedure that requires anesthesia or recovery time, since the elimination of fat cells in this process is natural and physiological.

How many areas can be treated at the same time?

With Cooltech 360, it is possible to use up to FOUR applicators simultaneously in one session, and this will help achieve a complete body remodeling in lesser time.

How many sessions are needed?

The number of treatment sessions vary depending on the patient and treatment area(s).

Usually one to two sessions are recommended, at a treatment interval of 4 weeks.

To maximize results, we recommend following a low-calorie and low-saturated fat diet and increased physical activity.

Is it painful?

The activation of the inflammatory process may cause a mild pain referred as pins and needles or cramps in the treatment area, however the intensity of the pain will depend on the vascular and nerve irrigation of the treatment area, this symptom is usually self-limited within a few hours after treatment without any therapeutic measures.

In case of severe pain, it is recommended that a medical evaluation be made and not self-medicate.

Is there any downtime?

The treatment has no recovery period, you will be able to continue your daily activities immediately after treatment.

Immediately after the treatment session, the treatment area may have a slight decrease in sensation, however this symptom usually subsides within a few hours of treatment.

We recommend our patients not to do any physical activities after the treatment.

Is any aftercare recommended?

For best results, we recommend our patients to follow a low-calorie, low-saturated fat diet and be physically active.

There are other complementary non-invasive techniques that could enhance the results of this treatment and help you to maintain the results obtained. Schedule a consultation with our doctor to receive a customized treatment plan for your needs. 


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