Experience a natural face lift with Baby Threadlift (With PDO Threads) with minimal to no downtime.

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Illumia’s Baby Thread Lift

combination of PDO Threads

What Is Baby Threadlift?

Illumia’s Baby Threadlift uses Polydioxanone (PDO) threads, which are commonly used in surgical sutures and are absorbable by our bodies, and in this case, our face and skin.

The Baby Threadlift procedure gently and naturally lifts and tightens concern areas such as crow’s feet, jowls, sagging chin, nasolabial lines, under eye areas, and more.

Blood and collagen growth is increased significantly post-treatment, giving a natural-looking and gentle face lift.

How Is The Baby Threadlift Procedure Like?

Illumia’s Baby Threadlift doesn’t require cutting or surgical procedures, unlike traditional facelift surgeries. But it is a minimally invasive treatment as PDO threads are inserted into the targeted areas using sharp or blunt cannulas (needles housing the threads).

Local anaesthesia is used to maximize patient’s comfort, and the treatment time can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the treated areas.

Before and after pictures are available upon request. Contact us to learn more about the results you can expect from this treatment.


Nasolabial Lines

Improve V-shape Face

Under Eyelift

Low to Zero Downtime



"At illumia Medical, it’s all about achieving maximum results with minimal effort.”
Kim Lim, Founder, illumia Medical
Kim Lim, Founder, illumia Medical


Founded by Kim Lim, we are an all-in-one medispa specialising in advanced beauty solution for your face, skin and body. At illumia Therapeutics, we celebrate you. Our ethos is to help you achieve your beauty goals. Wheter you're looking to brigthen, plump, lift or firm, our team of experienced therapists are committed to provide you witha tailored treatment plan. Through our team's year of expertise and use of innovative, illumia-exclusice technologies, you can expect maximum results with minimum effort.

Get A Natural & Non-Invasive Face Lift With Illumia's Baby Threadlift (With PDO Threads)

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Before-and-after photos of the treatment are available upon request.

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