Eye Bag Removal Treatment in Singapore for Puffy Eyes

With everyone wearing facemasks today, our eyes have become the focal point and a way to convey our thoughts and feelings when people cannot see much of our facial expressions. Any imperfections around your eye area, like large or puffy eye bags, suddenly become much more noticeable, making you look tired, drained or worn out. Luckily, there are eyebags treatment options in Singapore such as lower blepharoplasty which can help.

Can eye bags go away on their own?

woman with eye bagsThere are many reasons why you may be experiencing puffy eye bags. The most common reason is due to ageing, where both fluid and fat can get trapped in your lower eyelids as you age. In addition, the thin skin around the eyelid can make it seem much more prominent.

Other causes for puffy eyes include:

  • Genetics – If your parents have puffy under-eye bags, you will likely inherit them too.
  • Lack of sleep – A lack of sleep leads to a loss of collagen under the eyes, which causes fluid to collect in the area.
  • Poor diet – Lots of salt in your diet will cause your lower eyelids to swell as too much sodium makes your body retain water.
  • Excess sun exposure – The UV rays break down the skin's collagen and elastane allowing fluid to gather under the eye area.
  • Crying – This causes fluid to collect around your eyes causing puffiness.
  • Allergies – This can cause your eyes to water leading to swelling issues and fluid retention.

remove eye bags with night creamFor some of these causes, your eye bags may go away on their own or with help from eye creams and facial massages around the eye area. However, if your condition is due to genetics or ageing, a cosmetic treatment may be the better option for you.

How does eyebags removal treatment in Singapore work?

Whether you are opting for a surgical or non-surgical procedure, there is an eye bag treatment in Singapore that suits you.

If you are interested in the surgical option, the ideal treatment for permanent results would be scarless eye bag removal.

Scarless eye bag removal

scarless eye bag removal treatmentScarless eye bag removal, otherwise known as transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty, is the removal of any fat or muscle which cause the eye bag to look puffy. This is done via an incision on the inside of the lower eyelid which, once healed, does not leave a visible scar.

The treatment is performed under local anaesthetic and may result in some mild swelling or bruising which can last up to 2 weeks.

If you would prefer to treat your eye bags without going under the knife, you can consider the non-surgical eye bag removal treatment which produces similar results over multiple sessions.

Non-surgical eye bag removal

agnes non-surgical eye bag removal treatmentThe non-surgical eye bag removal uses high-intensity radio frequency and optic cannula technology to eliminate severe eye bags. This is done by restoring the consistency of tissue, skin, and muscle in the lower eyelid. You may have heard of AGNES eye bag removal, which is a similar procedure where radiofrequency is delivered to the eye area through small microneedles.

The procedure is minimally invasive and does not require anaesthetic, using only numbing cream around the lower eyelid. The recovery time is much shorter than the surgical options, with any potential bruising or swelling lasting up to 7 days.

What's the difference between scarless and non-surgical eye bag removal in Singapore?


  Non-surgical eye bag removal Scarless eye bag removal surgery
Type Minimally invasive Surgically invasive
Procedure Uses radiofrequency and subdermal cannula Involves a small incision in the lower eyelid
Results Long-lasting results over several sessions to maintain efficacy Permanent
  • Painless
  • Minimal downtime
  • Safe and effective
  • Permanent results
  • Suitable for extreme cases
Suitable candidates Suitable for patients with varying eye bag severity who do not wish to undergo surgery Patients with lower eyelid fat/ muscle but not too much excess skin

Unlike body fats, undereye fat does not return after eye bag removal, meaning both the surgical eye bag removal and the non-surgical treatment give long-lasting results. These results are visible immediately after the treatment.

How much does eyebags removal treatment cost in Singapore?

cost of eye bag removal treatmentThere are a few factors involved when it comes to the cost of either a surgical or non-surgical eye bag treatment in Singapore. These include:

  • The severity of your condition
  • How much lax skin or fatty tissue is present under the lower eyelid
  • The expertise of your aesthetic doctor or plastic surgeon

These factors will need to be considered to determine the cost for eye bag removal treatment. Every treatment plan provided for your specific condition is highly customized to give satisfactory and natural-looking outcomes.

At Illumia Medical, we provide both surgical and non-surgical eye bag treatment options for any condition. To find out which option is most suitable for your eye bags, schedule a detailed assessment with our aesthetic doctor or plastic surgeon today.


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