Effective Treatments to Eliminate Wrinkles in Singapore (2022 Guide)

When addressing wrinkles, individuals are generally met with two options: at-home anti-aging remedies or professional aesthetic treatments. Treating wrinkles from home sounds convenient, but only for a while. After the first few weeks, slight improvements may be noticeable, but the issue is far from solved.

Due to the anatomy of wrinkles, effective treatments can be challenging, since most creams cannot reach deep enough into the skin to achieve considerable results. Aesthetic treatments, on the other hand, use modern technologies to treat wrinkles from within, achieving satisfactory results.

To understand how to get rid of wrinkles effectively, we need to dive deeper into the anatomy of the skin.

How do wrinkles or fine lines form?

Wrinkles fall into two categories: fine, surface lines, which are less noticeable and more common, and the more accentuated, deep furrows.

forehead wrinklesElastin and collagen are two of the proteins mainly responsible for the elasticity of the skin. As we age, the production of these proteins decreases, as the already existing levels deplete.

With the skin becoming less firm, deeper furrows begin to appear, causing the common wrinkles. This is also the primary reason why most skin products and supplements contain collagen.

Certain factors can aggravate the aesthetics of existing wrinkles, while increasing the likelihood of developing more. These are generally linked to poor lifestyle choices but can also be genetic.

Prolonged sun exposure is perhaps the most encountered factor. The ultraviolet radiation emitted by sunlight can lead to premature aging of the skin, damaging the elastin and collagen cells.

Smoking is also commonly linked to wrinkles, as well as a wide range of clinical conditions. Research suggests that the decreased blood circulation caused by smoking can prevent the body from regenerating the already depleting collagen levels, resulting in deep wrinkles.

skin hydration to prevent wrinklesInadequate hydration is another factor which can cause or aggravate wrinkles, since most of the body’s regenerative functions rely heavily on water.

Lastly medication, or genetic factors, can increase the likelihood of developing wrinkles over time. Certain medications can lead to drier skin, which can also occur naturally by individuals’ genetics. Drier skin is generally more likely to form wrinkles, but this issue can be countered through good skincare practices.

Aesthetic treatments to reduce wrinkles

Modern aesthetic medicine has developed a wide range of solutions to effectively fight wrinkles and fine lines. Individuals can choose between invasive and non-invasive methods to eliminate the wrinkles and fine lines through a procedure which suits them the best.

Here we outline the top 5 skin-firming and lifting treatments for aging skin concerns, ranging from minimally-invasive to non-invasive procedures.

face threadlift for anti agingIllumia Medical’s Baby Threadlift uses surgical-grade PDO needles to stimulate the natural collagen growth in the skin.

The results will begin to surface within just a few weeks, as collagen production gradually increases and will last between 1 to 3 years, depending on the individual’s skin condition.

A threadlift procedure may bring some mild swelling but under the hands of a medically trained aesthetic doctor, patients normally experience minimal discomfort. Individuals can also resume their daily activities after just a couple of days.

dermal fillers anti agingDermal fillers, also known as facial fillers, are compounds of synthetic or naturally-occurring substances which get injected into the lines, folds and furrows of the face. This replenishes volume-loss and provide enhancement to certain features.

As one of the most popular anti-ageing treatments, facial fillers are also minimally invasive, requiring little downtime and recovery.

Specifically for forehead wrinkles, forehead fillers are renowned for their efficiency in adding volume to the forehead, an area with an increased likelihood of developing wrinkles.

skin booster for anti agingSkin boosters are also another type of injectables worth taking into consideration for their benefits in tissue repair and increase in collagen and elastin production.

Certain skin boosters, such as the all-rounder Rejuran Healer, contain biologically compatible compounds that help to rejuvenate and essentially “heal” the skin back to its healthy state.

hifu facelift for anti aging

A HIFU facelift revolves around the clinically proven use of concentrated ultrasound waves in different targeted areas, including the face and neck, without harming the skin.

By stimulating both the natural collagen production and the skin’s healing processes, this non-invasive treatment can even out the skin tone and texture, as well as deliver long-lasting results.

thermage facelift for anti agingA Thermage facelift uses mild, controlled heat, generated by radiofrequency energy to improve collagen production and tighten the skin. This non-surgical facelift is not only comfortable for the patient, but it also requires little to no downtime as only a single treatment is required to see noticeable improvements in skin texture.

The results are long-lasting as the body’s natural repair mechanism are triggered and continuously improves over time, including collagen production, which rapidly eliminates the wrinkles.

Navigating among popular treatments for wrinkles

The wrinkle treatment that suits you best depends largely on factors such as the degree of wrinkles or saggy skin, as well as your own facial anatomy. A board-certified plastic surgeon or a professional aesthetic doctor is especially trained in the field of dermatology, providing you with the best options to achieve your goals.

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