Dermal Fillers for Forehead Contouring: Everything you need to know

There are many different reasons to get forehead fillers, from reducing lines and wrinkles, to sculpting the forehead to promote facial symmetry. If you want to improve the look of your forehead, fillers are a minimally invasive alternative to facelifts.

forehead fillers for faceliftAlthough well known in their use for plumping your pout, enhancing your cheekbones, and as an alternative to rhinoplasty, face fillers are also commonly used as an anti-ageing treatment on the forehead. They specifically target wrinkles, deep lines and folds that appear above the eyebrows from years of expressive facial movements, as well as frown lines.

However, the use of fillers is not just limited to anti-ageing, they have also become useful as a method of contouring the forehead. The forehead may require contouring for several reasons:

  • A receding hairline has caused the forehead to seem flat, broad or overly straight
  • The forehead has a naturally occurring protrusion such as bony ridges or being overly rounded
  • A concave or sloped forehead is causing the overall facial profile to look uneven
  • Hollowing has appeared at the temples because of ageing or weight loss
  • The shape of your forehead seems more masculine or feminine

How do forehead fillers work?

This injectable treatment involves administering a gel-like substance, usually containing hyaluronic acid, into areas of the forehead which require additional volume.

injecting dermal fillers for forehead contouringIf you are using fillers to target lines and wrinkles, it will be injected directly into the wrinkle to plump up the skin. If you are using the fillers to contour your forehead, your doctor will have marked out which areas should be injected to achieve your desired shape.

The forehead fillers treatment takes between 15 to 30 minutes and requires little downtime. Numbing cream will be applied before the treatment, although most patients do not experience much pain as our doctor uses a soft-fill cannula to administer the facial fillers.

What is the difference between filler and Botox?

On the surface, these two treatments may seem similar. However, they are different in many ways.


Dermal Fillers  Botox
  • Substances injected beneath the surface of the skin to add volume
  • Can correct thinning lips, add volume to shallow areas
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Fill recessed scarring
  • Lasts up to two years
  • Purified toxin that works by blocking nerve signals in the muscles it is injected into
  • Works on dynamic wrinkles or expression lines
  • Lasts 3 to 4 months

Who are forehead fillers suitable for?

If you are using forehead fillers to combat the signs of ageing, women in their 40s and 50s will benefit from the treatment to reduce the depth and appearance of wrinkles, plump the skin and revive the youthfulness of your skin.

To correct or enhance the shape of your forehead, then you can get the treatment at any age. Women in their 20s and 30s can benefit from the fillers to achieve facial symmetry.

lady with contoured foreheadGood facial symmetry is scientifically proven to increase a person’s attractiveness, so if you are suffering from face asymmetry forehead fillers can help enhance your appearance by balancing out your facial features.

What to consider when thinking about forehead fillers

Forehead fillers can last anywhere from 6 months and longer, depending on the type of filler or thickness.

The most popular facial fillers include:


  Juvéderm Restylane
Ingredients Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluronic Acid
Lasts for 6 to 18 months 12 to 18 months
Best for All areas of the face Specifically areas with wrinkles

Some clinics may carry different types of facial fillers, so it is important to check with your aesthetic doctor about the fillers they use for your forehead contouring.

Forehead filler aftercare tips

Immediately after your forehead filler treatment, it is advised not to touch your face and avoid exercise to allow the filler to settle in the right places. It is best to avoid anything that may come into contact with your forehead that might cause it to become misshapen.

Forehead filler aftercareThe same can be said for facial massages, dentist appointments or anything else which involves stretching or putting pressure on any areas of the face.

It is also advised you avoid smoking and alcohol. Although these may not affect the results of your treatment, they will increase the risk of bruising and swelling to the affected area, leading to a longer recovery time.

In the long run, there are also things you can do to maximise the results of your forehead fillers. Maintaining a proper skincare routine will help keep your skin looking youthful by enhancing the anti-ageing effect from your fillers. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise will also help to keep your skin looking its best.

If you are looking to enhance your facial features, correct your forehead shape or help combat signs of ageing on your forehead, book a consultation today with one of our aesthetic doctors to learn if forehead fillers are suitable for you.


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