Patient's Guide To Breast Augmentation Surgery In Singapore

patient's guide to breast augmentation surgery in singapore

The demand for breast augmentation surgery in Singapore has seen steady growth in the last decade. In fact, it has been nearly 60 years since the first successful breast enlargement surgery, and more Singaporeans are looking for ways to enhance their figures.

Today, breast augmentation surgery still stands as one of the top cosmetic surgical procedures in the world with up to 300,000 surgeries performed in 2019. And the reason for this is none other than the constant, innovative developments in mammoplasty, surgical procedures with the aim to redefine or change the shape of the breast.

The material and shape of silicone breast implants have been improved upon over the years; more options are available to determine the best fit for your body. Not to mention, the highly-refined skills of plastic surgeons today combined with the advancement in breast augmentation techniques have virtually reduced the possibility of unpleasant side effects, alongside the risk of getting an altogether different outcome.

Before you hop off to the first clinic in mind to get your breast implants, learn all there is to know about this high-in-demand cosmetic surgery here. 

Difference between breast augmentation and breast implants

The terms “breast augmentation” and “breast implants” get tossed around a lot, and are often mistaken to mean the same thing. In actuality, the surgical procedure involving breast implants is called “breast augmentation”.

Breast augmentation is a procedure done to enhance the appearance of the breast, and can be done in one of two ways: inserting breast implants, fat grafting or a breast lift. Additionally, a breast reduction surgery can be performed in cases where heavy breasts pose a problem to your daily activities. 

See the table below for a quick overview on the differences between the types of breast augmentation procedures. 



Breast implants

Fat grafting

Breast lift

Surgery Type

Surgically invasive

Minimally invasive

Minimally invasive

Sizes available

Comes in a few sizes, widths and profiles (projections), depending on the type of implants

Limited, depending on how much fat is harvested from areas of excess in your body

No size available; breast tissue is restructured and the nipple is lifted. Breast implants or fat grafting may be implemented here.

Side effects

Pain and swelling, slight bruising and feeling of tightness in the chest

Mild pain and slight bruising at harvested areas

Mild pain and slight bruising at incision sites


A few weeks

A few days

A few weeks

How is breast augmentation surgery like?

breast augmentation surgery markings on breast

A comprehensive evaluation of your body structure during your consultation with your plastic surgeon can help to determine which procedure is best-suited to deliver your desired results. Be it through implant insertion, fat grafting or a breast lift, your plastic surgeon will guide you through the pre- and post-surgery procedural steps.

In general, the flow of a breast augmentation surgery is as follows:

  • Pre-surgery: Design phase
  • Administering of local anaesthesia 
  • Surgical procedures (creating incision for breast implants and breast lift, liposuction for fat grafting)
  • Post-surgery: Recovery phase

Common patient concerns

What’s the pain level like?

During the procedure, local anaesthesia will be administered to numb the incision sites or harvesting areas (for fat grafting). This numbness will wear off, however, and certain post-surgery pain management measures will be put in place to reduce the discomfort you may feel.

How natural will my breasts feel after a breast augmentation surgery?

Asides from soreness, patients may also feel a little nauseous from the anaesthetic, a little tightness centred around the chest and slight bruising on the surgical areas as well. These are to be expected and should be taken into consideration when deciding to go for a breast augmentation surgery.

Post-surgery recovery and downtime

The recovery time varies from individual to individual. For starters, it can generally take up to 8 weeks for the tightness or soreness to subside and for any bruising to completely disappear. 

It is always advisable to bring up any concerns you may have regarding your recovery process post-surgery and discuss any changes to your current lifestyle that needs to be made with your plastic surgeon. 

Choosing the best breast augmentation surgery

In medical or surgical procedures, it is recommended to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in cosmetic procedures. 

Choosing the right plastic surgeon for the surgery is crucial for several reasons:

  • Every body is different. The ability to make good aesthetic judgement is needed to provide the most natural-looking outcome.
  • Different plastic surgeons possess different creative flairs. A good plastic surgeon whose patients’ pictures align with your goals is a good indicator. 
  • Plastic surgery is a deeply passionate calling. A keen eye for details is needed to ensure satisfying and symmetrical results.

Why choose Illumia Medical's Plastic Surgery?

Illumia Medical continuously strives for excellence in aesthetic treatments and surgical services in Singapore, pushing the boundaries of science and technology to offer innovative solutions to the modern man or woman. Illumia’s team of qualified and accredited doctors, plastic surgeons and industry gurus is committed to providing the best solutions at affordable prices with minimal effort. 

At Illumia, three types of breast augmentation services are available. Click on the following links to learn more about each surgery.


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