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A Guide To Aesthetic Treatments According to Age Groups

At illumia Medical we don’t have a one-size-fits all approach when it comes to aesthetic treatments. Each person ages differently and will have different skin concerns at different life stages. However, it is never too early or too late to start investing in your skin. Whether you’re looking to get your first aesthetic treatment or looking for treatments to complement the ones you’ve already gotten, here is our guide to aesthetic treatments based on what our patients usually ask for at different ages. Of course, we believe in a bespoke approach to each client’s aesthetic journey, so it’s best to schedule a consultation with our experienced doctors to find the treatments that are best suited to your concerns.    

In your 20s

The focus here is to preserve youthfulness and prevent first signs of ageing.

Botulinum Toxins

As a preventive measure, this anti-wrinkle injection helps relax the muscles—think the ones that cause lines on the forehead, around the mouth and eyes—to prevent lines turning into deep wrinkles that are forever etched into the skin, making them harder to treat.  

i12 Tone Up Laser

A combination of two laser treatments, this helps tackle any acne, works to prevent and reduce skin erythema as well as accumulated pigmentation for clear, glowing, glass skin. The Pro-Yellow Gold Laser helps address redness and pigmentation with a dual wavelength laser while the PICO Discovery Laser which works in both Q-switch and photo-thermal mode, helps deal with any hyperpigmentation from sun damage, or acne marks. It also helps rejuvenate skin and maintain wrinkle-free visage for longer.  


A threadlift involves inserting extremely fine threads into the skin and suspending the skin for a lifted effect. It can also be used to add definition at the cheeks, nose and chin. Dermal fillers of different types (hard or soft) can also be used to add volume and enhance features like your jawline, cheekbones, chin and temples. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers also help in the production of collagen thus helping to rejuvenate skin delay the onset of lines and wrinkles.  

In your 30s

Combat loss of collagen, maintain hydration, lift and tighten skin

illumia Elite 5D Face Rejuvenation Duo Laser

This dual wavelength laser targets all layers of skin for total rejuvenation as well as more sculpted contours. At the deepest layer, it tightens fascia, dissolves fat cells and stimulates collagen production for a more chiselled visage, while simultaneously strengthening skin barrier, combating redness and refining skin texture at the superficial layer.

illumia Ultraformer III

Boost collagen production to slow the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lift sagging skin and tighten lax skin with this non-invasive HIFU treatment. It uses precise ultrasound energy to trigger collagen production at the deepest layers of skin while destroying fat at the subcutaneous layer to achieve desired results. 

Skin Boosters

Injected into very specific areas of the face, the HA Skin Booster has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid that goes deep within to maintain levels of moisture while triggering production of collagen, elastin and adipocytes to improve overall skin quality. Other boosters like PDRN Skin Booster promote healing, reduce inflammation, encourage collagen production and repair the moisture barrier to rejuvenate skin and slow down signs of ageing. 

In your 40s

Treat uneven skin tone and boost collagen production  

illlumia PicoSure Laser

This laser will help you get rid of any dark spots, pigmentation as well as melasma that may start to show up as a result of accumulated sun damage or hormonal fluctuations. It uses super fast pulses—think one trillionth of a second—and specialised wavelengths to specifically target the melanin, thus reducing the risk of heat related side effects on the skin.

illumia Collagen Stimulator

Maintain a naturally youthful visage thanks to this neo-collagenesis filler that gradually helps boost collagen production deep in the dermis layer. The increased collagen helps to smooth fine lines and plump sunken areas of the face. It is safe and you’re able to see results immediately after your first session.

In your 50s and beyond

Rejuvenate skin while lifting sagging skin and tighten lax skin

illumia Ulthera 360

This non-invasive, mostly painless treatment uses focused ultrasound therapy to target the deepest SMAS layer of skin to kick-start the production of collagen and elastin. Increased production of these proteins lifts and tightens the skin for a more youthful look.

illumia 5G Thermage FLX

Another non-invasive treatment, it uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate the body’s natural healing reflexes to boost the production of collagen and other antiageing components. This results in skin that is rejuvenated, with smoother more defined contours.


This treatment can be used to give the face the effect of a facelift minus the pain and downtime associated with going under the knife. The super fine threads inserted into the skin help to lift sagging areas like the jowls, cheeks, droopy brow area as well as the nose. While in the skin, the threads also help stimulate production of collagen to further help lift and tighten skin.

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