Lift & Tighten Loose Or Sagging Skin For A Younger Look

Achieve younger-looking skin and restore its natural and smooth contours with 5G Thermage® FLX™

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Address Various Aging Woes Such As

Forehead frown lines and wrinkles

Droopy upper and lower eyelid skin laxity, periorbital fine lines, crow’s feet

Sagging eyes, nasolabial fold, marionette lines

Sagging jawline, chin and neck

Loose skin and cellulite on abdomen, thighs, buttocks

What is 5G Thermage® FLX™?

non-surgical skin contouring and sculpting treatment, Illumia’s 5th Gen (5G) Thermage® FLX™ creates mild, controlled heating through radiofrequency (RF) energy to trigger collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin to provide a smooth, tightening effect. 

Collagen production slows down with age and we lose about 1% of collagen every year. Loss of collagen creates signs of facial aging such as wrinkles, open pores, skin laxity, and uneven skin tone. RF energy has been clinically proven to stimulate your body’s own natural mechanisms to increase these anti-aging components, reviving the skin and restoring its smooth contours. 

In short, the benefits of 5G Thermage® FLX™ are:

Non-surgical face lift with minimal downtime and risk

Mild, controlled and precise targeting for hard-to-reach and sensitive areas (eg. eyes)

Stimulates body’s natural collagen production

How does 5G Thermage® FLX™ work?

Patients will undergo a detailed skin analysis to determine their eligibility for the treatment with Illumia Medical’s Medical Director Dr Ram Nath.

As a non-surgical treatment, no anaesthesia is required and only numbing cream will be applied to ensure maximum patient comfort. According to your needs, appropriate 5G Thermage® FLX™ applicators will be placed on the targeted areas to emit RF waves in a controlled manner.

5G Thermage® FLX™ treatment takes 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the treated areas. Visible results can be seen after one session and can last up to 12 months. Patients can resume their daily activities after their treatments.

Expected outcomes of 5G Thermage® FLX™

Patients at Illumia have seen natural-looking and long lasting improvements to their aging concerns after one session, and see even better results with yearly maintenance sessions.

Reduced sagging and loose skin around the face and neck

Firmer and defined jawline

Youthful, line- and wrinkle-free appearance

Slower aging process on the targeted areas

Dr Nath will conduct a comprehensive assessment to provide a professional recommendation that will address your skin concerns. 5G Thermage® FLX™ can also be performed concurrently with other skin treatments to enhance skin texture and complexion if necessary.

Includes Complementary HIFU For Better Efficacy

Combined with Illumia’s HIFU for enhanced results.

Controlled tissue healing

Collagen matrix remodelling

For any part of face and body

Non-invasive procedure

"At illumia Medical, it’s all about achieving maximum results with minimal effort.”
Kim Lim, Founder, illumia Medical
Kim Lim, Founder, illumia Medical


Founded by Kim Lim, we are an all-in-one medispa specialising in advanced beauty solution for your face, skin and body. At illumia Therapeutics, we celebrate you. Our ethos is to help you achieve your beauty goals. Wheter you're looking to brigthen, plump, lift or firm, our team of experienced therapists are committed to provide you witha tailored treatment plan. Through our team's year of expertise and use of innovative, illumia-exclusice technologies, you can expect maximum results with minimum effort.

Achieve Younger-looking Skin and Restore Its Natural and Smooth Contours with 5G Thermage® FLX™

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FAQs About Illumia Medical’s 5G Thermage® FLX™

Visible results can be seen after one session and can last up to 12 months. Patients can resume their daily activities after their treatments.

There is no recovery time required. There may be mild redness immediately after the treatment, and this will clear up after 3-4 hours, and minor swelling. Patients can continue their usual skincare routine immediately after the treatment.

Thermage is a safe procedure and can be used for the most sensitive skin without any side effects. However, as with all energy-based devices, there is small risk of thermal injury, although extremely rare. It should be avoided in individuals with pacemakers and metal implants. Thermage must strictly be avoided by pregnant ladies.

Other potential risks include thermal injury, scarring, bruising pigment changes, altered sensations, and herpes reactivations.

Thermage is most commonly done over the face/neck/eyelids. However, it is also suitable for other areas of the body with loose saggy skin including the abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks.

The cost depends on the number of treatment sessions required. Generally, the price ranges from $1,000 and up per session.

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