5G Thermage FLX

5G Thermage FLX

5G Thermage® FLX™

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Taking non-invasive skin tightening to new heights.



Known for its immediate skin-lifting and tightening effects, Illumia brings the 5th Gen (5G) Thermage® FLX™ to deliver unparalleled contouring of loose and saggy skin and fine lines to create an overall defined appearance.

Benefits of Thermage FLX

What is 5G Thermage® FLX™?

A non-surgical skin contouring and sculpting treatment, Thermage® FLX™ creates mild, controlled heating through radiofrequency (RF) energy to trigger collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin to provide a smooth, tightening effect.

Collagen production slows down with age and we lose about 1% of collagen every year. Loss of collagen creates signs of facial aging such as wrinkles, open pores, skin laxity, and uneven skin tone. RF energy has been clinically proven to stimulate your body’s own natural mechanisms to increase these anti-aging components, reviving the skin and restoring its smooth contours.

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The most recent addition to the Thermage technology series features a new “Total Tip 4.0” with a larger surface area to deliver faster results by up to 25%. Illumia’s 5G Thermage® FLX™ offers 4 different applicators of different sizes for a fully customizable treatment plan that delivers efficient, optimized results.

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Targeted conditions

●  Forehead frown lines and wrinkles
●  Droopy upper eyelids and lower eyelid skin laxity, periorbital fine lines, crow’s feet
●  Improvement of the nasolabial fold, marionette lines
●  Sagging jawline, chin and neck
●  Loose skin and cellulite on abdomen, thighs, buttocks

Benefits of 5G Thermage® FLX™

●  Combines Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT) with additional patented AccuREP™ technology to produce consistent results
●  Effectively stimulates collagen production and remodels collagen matrix in the deep layers of the skin
●  Multidirectional vibrations in Total Tip 4.0 for maximal patient comfort and experience
●  Leaves surrounding tissue unaffected, offering minimal downtime, side effects, and risks for faster, enhanced results

3 Major Advances of Thermage FLX

How is 5G Thermage® FLX™ performed?

Patients will undergo a detailed skin analysis to determine their eligibility for the treatment with Illumia Medical’s medical director Dr Ram Nath. Dr Nath will create a personalized treatment plan with your unique needs and aesthetic goals in mind for effective and natural-looking results.

As a non-surgical treatment, no anaesthesia is required and only numbing cream will be applied to ensure maximum patient comfort. According to your needs, appropriate Thermage® FLX™ applicators will be placed on the targeted areas to emit RF waves in a controlled manner.

Thermage FLX treatment takes 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the treated areas. Results can be seen immediately after just one session and can last up to 12 months. Patients can resume their daily activities after their treatments.

Patients of Illumia reported seeing noticeable improvements in between their sessions, including:

●  Reduced sagging and loose skin around the face and neck
●  Firmer and defined jawline
●  Youthful, line- and wrinkle-free appearance
●  Slower aging process on the targeted areas

Who is a suitable candidate?

Patients who seek non-surgical anti-aging and skin tightening treatments and are comfortable with repeated sessions for maximal results are ideal candidates for 5G Thermage® FLX™. Thermage is suitable for all skin types and patients of all ages.

Dr Nath will conduct a comprehensive assessment to provide a professional recommendation that will address your skin concerns. 5G Thermage® FLX™ can also be performed concurrently with other skin treatments, such as his proprietary DuoLift™ Face and Neck, to enhance skin texture and complexion if necessary.

Why choose Illumia Medical?

Patients of Illumia Medical are treated under the care of our medical director Dr Ram Nath who provides over 20 years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine, having performed thousands of successful aesthetic and cosmetic procedures including skin and facial enhancement and body contouring. Our doctor will perform a detailed assessment and, in discussion with you, recommend the most appropriate, tailor-made treatment plan to help you to achieve what you desire.


Above all, your comfort and safety are our priority.


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